“To enable our community to live their healthiest, most pain-free life through the administration of Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy and muscular system education.”

What They Do

Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy

How To Find Them

533 W. Uwchlan Avenue, Suite 102
Downingtown, PA 19335

(484) 593-0227

One thing everyone around the world can agree on is that this pandemic has left them exhausted. Whether that be physical or mental, it’s all taking a toll on your body, but this local neuromuscular therapy clinic can help ease the stress and will have your mind and body feeling brand new. Peiffer Muscle Therapy has been open for a year and has already made a great impact in the Downingtown area with owners Drew and Nicolette Peiffer bringing a Southern California style of massage therapy to the east coast.

“Because we had both been in school together, we had always kind of passed around the idea of eventually being able to open our own place.” says Nicolette. 

The married couple met while attending the National Holistic Institute in Santa Ana studying Neuromuscular Therapy which is a type of massage therapy that uses soft tissue manipulation to help improve nervous system function and the overall function and alignment of the skeletal system.  National Holistic Institute is actually the only school that offers this program and after graduating, Drew came back to his hometown in Pennsylvania, joined shortly thereafter by Nicolette with dreams of opening up their practice.

“When we’re giving a massage we’re drawing upon lots of different modalities; basically all different tools in our tool belts so you’re not necessarily getting only a Swedish massage or only a deep tissue we use the different strokes however they’re best applied.”

Peiffer Muscle Therapy specializes in rehabilitative work, specific work (meaning a specific place on the body you want to massage at a time), and trigger point therapy. Trigger points occur when a knot has been in place so long, it sends pain to another area of the body. This is called “referral pain”. The knot itself will stay where it’s located, but the pain will move. 

“Our clientele is all over the place which is an exciting aspect It’s cool to have people that are almost elderly and other people bringing their minors and kids that are athletes.” 

Everyone is welcome to come and receive a massage! Whether it be just for the sake of it or to get rid of certain pain, Peiffer Muscle Therapy has got you covered. This clinic caters to all age ranges and when it’s time for the guest to book their appointments they will be provided with a therapist that will best suit their needs. Now I know what you’re thinking, what about their COVID policies? Well, I can tell you that this clinic has that all covered too. Peiffer’s Muscle Therapy has a COVID-friendly scheduling system that allows only one appointment in the clinic at a time.  

“We take pride in being ambassadors to people that have never had a massage and how to ease anxiety about a first massage or help them understand what to expect”

If it’s your first time getting a massage, Peiffer Muscle Therapy encourages you to visit their establishment. They make it their duty to ensure that each customer feels at ease during their sessions, and get an education on what’s taking place. They encourage guests to ask anything, no question is too small. Drew and Nicolette are very proud about owning their own practice and employing Paige and Leeann, who’ve undergone hours of hands on training with Nicolette in order to learn her method of massage therapy. They recommend that every client experiences a massage from each therapist so the client can decide who they’d like to be their personal massage therapist everytime they return. 

The mission of Peiffer Muscle Therapy is to enable the community to live their healthiest, most pain-free life through the administration of Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy and muscular system education. They make it their duty to  provide a safe, clean, and accessible place for their guests. The clinic is open from 10am – 7pm on Tuesday- Friday and 10am – 5pm so get down there and give your body a treat by taking some time to yourself, a few deep breaths and letting your massage therapist do all the work. Just don’t forget to bring your mask!