To introduce Caribbean flavors and dishes to those who have never had it.

What They Do

  • Jerk chicken & pork burgers
  • Jerk chicken wings
  • Curry chicken
  • Takeout
  • Grubhub & Caviar Delivery
  • Catering

How To Find Them

211 East Market Street,
West Chester, Pa 19382


While travel remains limited, our taste buds don’t have to be. Miss Winnie’s located in West Chester, is bringing spices and flavors, typically found only in the Caribbean islands, right to our front doors.

Elbert Johnston, founder and main chef, has been bringing the flavors of his home in Jamaica since 2017.

Miss Winnie’s is named after Winnifred, Johnston’s mother, who immigrated to America and built a life for herself and her family. The menu was also created in her image, as many of the dishes are made using her original recipes.

“I grew up with a family of eight siblings,” said Johnston. “We all took turns in the kitchen with my Mom. The restaurant is really dedicated to her, and that time we spent together.”

Despite having the idea thrown at him and his wife for several years, Johnston wasn’t always interested in starting a restaurant.

“My wife and I started hosting Christmas parties about 30 years ago,” Johnston said. “People would always rave about the food and encourage me to open a restaurant, but I never did. I was working for an IT company, and was really enjoying the work.”

As they hosted more parties, the requests kept coming. Johnston started catering small parties, but was keeping busy with his IT business, and still wasn’t sure about pursuing a restaurant.

Fortunately for us, fate made the decision for him.

“About five years ago, I had to make a career decision,” Johnston said. “The IT work slowed, and there were no more assignments for me to take locally. I didn’t want to start with a new company, so we thought it was the perfect time to start something new.”

And so, just like that, Miss Winnie’s opened their doors in October of 2017.

While food from different cultures can often be intimidating, Johnston has expanded his menu over the years to include all palettes.

“Most of the dishes in Jamaica are spicy, but I chose not to cook everything that way,” Johnston said. “Some dishes are spicier than others, but I try to give some variety so everyone can find something they’d like. There’s lots of options for everybody.”

There are even vegetarian options, and most dishes on the menu are gluten-free.

If you’re looking to try something different the next time you order take-out, give Miss Winnie’s a call. They’re open Tuesday through Saturday, from 11 AM to 7 PM, and are available for both take-out and deliveries.

“When you order from us, you’ll really feel like you’re in the islands,” Johnston said. “From the Jamaican music we play to the food we make, everything is authentic. Come see us and give us a try.”