To offer a client goal oriented massage service by treating each client individually to help bring them to the highest level of muscle function.

What They Do

  • Relaxing Massages
  • Therapeutic Massages
  • Signature Massages
  • Hot Stones
  • Cupping
  • Thai Stretching

How To Find Them

500 West State Street
Kennett Square PA, 19348


Kennett Square Massage is a female-owned massage therapy business that provides one-on-one care for its clients. Founded in 2009, owner Stacy Gibson began her business in a small, one room office suite on South Broad Street in Kennett Square after earning her diploma from Cortiva – PA School of Muscle Therapy. After three years Stacy decided it was time to expand her business and move to a more distinguished location at 500 West State Street.

Kennett Square Massage operates on the basis that there must be a certain level of trust between the therapist and the client to fully maximize the benefits of a massage. All therapists care deeply for their clients and regularly check on their progress during their massage therapy journey. This allows for continuous progress, improvement in the client’s treatment and a curated experience for each individual.

“We take the time before and after each session to speak with clients and find out what’s going on with them and how they feel after their sessions,” Stacy said.
Massage therapy is a personal experience and is different for each client. At Kennett Square Massage, individuality amongst clients is the priority and is how Stacy built loyal clientele throughout her career at Kennett Square Massage. This is now a common practice among her massage therapists at KSQ Massage, to ensure that each client experiences top quality service.

Kennett Square Massage provides different types of massage services, such as relaxing and therapeutic massage, with add-ons such as hot stones, cupping, Thai stretching and more. Their range of treatments can help people dealing with chronic pain to those who crave relaxation.

The massage therapists at Kennett Square Massage recognize that some clients experience more serious conditions that may require more treatment than massage.

“For those with chronic pain, we work closely with a chiropractic office and acupuncturist in the area and we will suggest seeking medical care if they are not meeting their goals and their issues seem to need more attention,” Stacy said.

This partnership fosters a holistic treatment plan for those who may benefit from collaboration between their chiropractor and their massage therapist.

Stacy has worked as a massage therapist for over twelve years and accredits her passionate new staff for the business’ continuing success. She takes the time to offer mentoring to new massage therapists, as well as hands on training to ensure a greater learning experience.

Not only does Stacy enjoy giving massages, she believes that the massage therapists should take time to relax and experience therapeutic massages for themselves.
“I like to treat my employees as I would like to be treated and I believe it’s really important for us to take breaks and get massages ourselves,” Stacy said. Especially in this field, Stacy understands that this respect ensures the longevity and quality of their practice.

All therapists at Kennett Square Massage are licensed and insured and complete 12 hours of state-mandated continuing education each year along with being CPR certified and State Mandated Reporters. This ensures that all techniques are up-to-date and clients are receiving the best possible therapy.

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