“At C and J Automotive, we pride ourselves on being in our customer’s contacts, just like family and friends, because that’s what it’s like to work with us. We are truly a family-owned and family-operated business. You’ll always have a ‘mechanic in the family’ with us around!”

What They Do

  • Auto Repair
  • Inspection
  • Electric Car Repair

How To Find Them

1001 Lancaster Avenue
Berwyn, PA 19312

(610) 647-6072

Most people have no idea that their car can drive up to a few hundred thousand miles. But for the owner of C&J Automotive, Jack Crowley Jr., taking care of cars into their 200,000th and even 300,000th mile is quite normal.

C&J Automotive sits on Lancaster Ave. in Berwyn, Chester County. With a team of 3 technicians and 2 service advisors, their staff is able to provide an intimate, first-name basis experience for all of their customers.

After 30 years of service, Jack Jr. and the team at C&J Automotive know that when you treat your customers like family, you build trust and they keep coming back for years. They run their company like a traditional family business. Keeping their clients close, building trust, and working closely with staff is how the Crowleys keep their customers and staff as part of the family. Often, with larger chains, mechanics will see you and your car once and then never again. That is not the case with C&J Automotive.

“Let our family put your family first,” is C&J Automotive’s tagline. This family-owned and operated business continues to keep that promise.

A key pillar at C&J Automotive is communication with staff. The Crowleys all know their staff and their staff’s family, and vice versa. They give as many opportunities as they can to their staff to grow in their role and department and to focus on promoting their employees from within.

Jack Crowley Jr. has been working with his father since 2013. He helped open their second location in Newtown square and to grow their staff at their location in Berwyn to what it is today.

“My customers were originally my dad’s customers. When I acquired the business from him those people all stayed and they all know our family so they knew me and that made it a much easier transition” says Jack Crowley Jr. when referring to him taking over the family business.

Giving back to the community is also something that Jack Crowley Jr. is interested in. Some of his staff were tasked with putting together a directory for local businesses in the Berwyn/Chester County area. Not only does he want to build his business, but he also wants to see the community grow too.

A 2021 goal for C&J Automotive is bringing the 21st century into their shop to meet the needs of their more tech-savvy customers and build even better relationships. In addition to adding texting and online scheduling, Jack Jr. has invested in new software that allows more transparent service communication and educational resources. He hopes that this software can break down the barriers most auto repair shops face in building trusting and lasting relationships with their customers.

The new software allows every technician to break down their 120-point inspection to the client in a mobile-accessible report. The client will be able to see every item and its green, yellow, or red status along with pictures and videos of what their technician found. The report breaks down what is OK (green), what the driver should be aware of but isn’t an immediate issue (yellow), and what needs to be taken care of ASAP (red). The software also provides diagrams and graphics of the part and its role in the vehicle so you can compare your vehicle’s current condition to what it should actually look like and make an informed decision.

At C&J Automotive not only will you be greeted with attentive service, but you will be in the hands of mechanics whose number one concern is your safety on the road. They want to educate you, build a trusting relationship and make sure you understand how, in the future, you can avoid other car maintenance issues.

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