Bridging impeccable fashion to women with style to elevate confidence every day with ease.

What They Do

  • Customizable clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories
  • Private appointments
  • Trunk shows
Fashion is art. It is the first taste of your persona that you get to show the world. It is the way that we present ourselves to every passing stranger. Fashion should be thought out, curated, and unique. That is why Brigid McGrath Stasen founded Bridge Your Style. Bridge Your Style is a personalized shopping experience tailored to each individual client’s needs.

Brigid has worked in the world of fashion for decades, from luxury brands to casual athleisure. Not only does Brigid understand the ins and outs of fashion, she understands the importance of women feeling comfortable, not just in the clothing they purchase, but throughout their entire shopping experience.

We have all had those shopping experiences where we feel like nothing fits us or looks right, and we leave the store feeling defeated. Not with Bridge Your Style. Brigid makes sure that every woman feels supported, understood, and heard while they shop.

Bridge Your Style currently offers three different brands – Ellie Kai, Ala von Auersperg, and the Freida Rothman Jewelry and Accessory Collection. Each of these designers creates pieces inspired by every woman’s inner strength, passion, and resiliency.

Ellie Kai creates customizable clothing that allows the customer to redefine the style, so every piece means something new. It is made to order- reinvented. Ala von Auersperg offers original prints for wherever the day takes you, with airy silhouettes for every occasion that feel and look great. From high end resort wear, to the beach or black tie, Ala von Auersperg will outfit with luxurious fabrics. Frieda Rothman’s jewelry line is inspired by the legacy of her four grandparents who survived the Holocaust. This line uses 14k gold over sterling silver to create lasting and elegant jewelry and accessories. The clothing at Bridge Your Style is the physical representation of what it means to express femininity.

Because Bridge Your Style aims to make the entire shopping experience enjoyable, Brigid works with each client to deliver the pieces efficiently. She has a showroom in her home in West Chester, where clients can make appointments and shop with her in person. She also offers virtual appointments and ships clothing to clients. This way, clients have the chance to be personally fitted or have their order shipped directly to them. Additionally, Brigid holds trunk shows to bring old and new clientele together. However you choose to shop, there will never be any pressure to buy. Brigid encourages every customer to take their time, relax and enjoy their experience.

Whether you are a true fashionista or someone who needs extra support to look their best, Bridge Your Style has you covered. Brigid truly has something for everyone and makes the entire experience so enjoyable that you will never want to shop regular retail again. To book an appointment with Brigid, you can contact her by email or phone.